Pictures of Jesus

Are you looking to encourage your congregation to draw closer to Jesus, share their faith and use their gifts to serve the Lord in your church and community? Pictures of Jesus may be just the thing to light that fire.

Be a part of the 2014 A Night AMOK Pictures of Jesus Tour
Pictures of Jesus is an hour and half long presentation includes five large works of art created in minutes, video, storytelling, drama and more. It accomplishes two purposes, helping unbelievers to come to know Jesus and encouraging believers to follow Him and use their gifts to serve Him in the local church and in the world beyond.

This video gives the quick “elevator pitch” overview.

Here’s a sample video of one of the paintings from this presentation.

And here’s a complete overview of the presentation. (Spoiler alert, this video contains some information that will “spoil” surprises found in the presentation. This video is for those who will make the booking decision only.)

Download the promotional information here. 

Download a generic press release here.

To see what people are saying, about Dave Weiss and A Night AMOK See the “What People Are Saying Page.”

This presentation also makes a great benefit event for your need. Four of the five paintings could be made available for silent auction.


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