Curryville Church was very blessed this weekend by the ministry of Dave Weiss. If you’re look for a guest speaker, I highly recommend him.

Dave’s presentation was fresh & full of enthusiasm. His live
painting and other pieces of work really complemented the message which was VERY
Biblically Solid.

Looking for a guest speaker? You found one !
Pastor David Stiles
Curryville Church or the Brethren
Martinsburg, PA

Pastor Weiss was the special guest for our Youth Explosion in 2011. The theme was “Taking It to the Streets.” For this event he designed the logo for our T-shirts and spoke and painted during three services. Part of this event is an outdoor outreach. During that time Pastor Weiss used sidewalk chalk to draw a mural on the pavement. It was wonderful to watch him drawing and see children and participants in the event help him finish the picture. It was fun for the children and encouraging to a homeless woman that delighted in displaying her artistic talent to help with the drawing. I can yet see how the children just sit on the edge of the mural, cross-legged, looking at it and taking it all in.

He was very effective and many youth came forth at the end. It has been 3 years and people yet speak of Youth Explosion 2011 and the “painting preacher.” We use the paintings that were left behind as thought-provoking illustrations for VBS and other events.
God bless you, Pastor Weiss, Thank you for sharing your unique God given ministry.

Mary C. Moody
Youth Explosion Coordinator
Terre Haute, IN

Dave Weiss was at our church tonight and all I can say is wow! What a gifted artist and fine preacher! People really responded well to him and I hope to have him back again. Some of the finest preaching I have heard in a long time.

Jim Baker,
Pastor, Lorida Church of the Brethren, Lorida, FL

Dave’s method of ministry gets the attention of all ages which is
a breath of fresh air. Just as Jesus used parables to paint his message to the
masses–Dave uses the Paint Brush to give new life and color to the Good News.

Dave’s ministry was well received by all ages and I would highly recommend his
ministry from Elementary through Jr Highs through High School and on up to those
who are in their Golden years of life.

Two words for Dave Weiss..

Well done!
Dewayne Heck,
Pastor, White Cottage Church of the Brethren
White Cottage, OH

Dave and I had been planning this event for 12 years. He finally
made his way down to Alabama, and shared his remarkable gifts with our church.
if you haven’t had Dave in yet, you should.
Paul Turner,
Youth Pastor, Pleasant Grove Assembly of God
Pleasant Grove, Alabama

In addition to wonderful artistic talent, Dave Weiss has a heart
for sharing the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. He has a firm knowledge
of Scripture which comes alive in his art presentation. He has a testimony
which many can relate to, and an enthusiam that is contagious. We were blessed
by Dave’s ministry, and I think any group of believers would find that to be
David Ulm
Pastor, Mt. Zion Rd. Church of the Brethren

Some comments from people who attended A Night AMOK: Pix of JC at Indian Creek Church of the Brethren:

“What a gift Dave has! We so enjoyed his unusual way of presenting the gospel!”

“What a great artist! I really enjoyed his program!”

“That was such a meaningful service. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“I was blown away. What a great presentation!”


“We were so blessed by Dave’s gifts and his stories. What a neat way to use the
gifts God gave him!”
Donna Parcell, Indian Creek Church of the Brethren, Harleysville, PA

I have known Dave Weiss for some time via e-mail and list serve posts and personally now for two years. I appreciate him as a friend, a fellow pastor, and an evangelist who loves Jesus and loves to get the message about Him out to as many as possible.

Dave will bring a presentation that is thoroughly biblical, spiritually passionate, and wildly creative. I heartily commend him to your church or group for a time of spiritual growth and challenge with a little fun thrown in.
Ray Hileman, Pastor, Miami First Church of the Brethren, Miami, FL

I’ve had the honor of ministering with Dave and I’m captivated by his art, creativity, and heart for God. We are colleagues in using art for Christ and it’s so exciting to see how he is fulfilling his calling. Dave has led my congregation in visual worship and I can’t wait to have him return!

Kerry Jackson
Bezalel Church, Atlanta, GA, Drawing to the Rock Ministries, Inc.

Dear David,

It occurred to me that I haven’t taken the opportunity to say thank you. For the past 5 years our ministry has been blessed by your gifted programming. Through your teaching we have grown in our understanding of how to connect to our community through visual means. Your dynamic presentations have created opportunities to share Christ with others. And on two occasions 7 people have given their hearts to the Savior.

Your street mural ministry helped us impact 1,000’s of individuals in University City and gave our own people the courage to do projects on our own. This lead to our students drawing on the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland and that of the Widener University campus in Chester, Pa. Each time we have been able to create a lasting impression and sow seed into the hearts and minds of people.

So thank you for bring your gift to our church and investing into our ministry and community.

Pastor Chuck Kieffer
Lead pastor, The Foundry Church, Associate Chaplain, Widener University

David Weiss is a follower of Jesus, an insightful Christian, and an outstanding artist! David has committed his life to the intersection of faith and giftedness, seeking to bring the arts and Christian practice together in creative and transforming ways…

If you are considering the inclusion of painting and visual arts in your church’s worship experience or other parts of your ministry and community life, I would highly recommend David Weiss as a resource. He himself can provide those artistic components, and he is also a teacher who will work with you to hone your own skills.

I am grateful for David’s giftedness and passion for the arts and encourage you to find ways to call upon him to enhance your faith and practice.
Jonathan Shively
Executive Director, Congregational Life Ministries, Church of the Brethren

The fine arts segment was exquisitely prepared. It was apparent that you put considerable time, effort and love into this message. What a gift to see the paintings come to life on the screen while you completed a work of art in just eighteen minutes.

I must admit, however that your considerable artistic talent was not the highlight of the evening for me. Instead, it was the sincerity of the message,the humility with which it was presented, and the invitation that we all have gifts to share.

AMOKArts has a message that is unique and compelling. I believe that you have the potential to reach people that the modern church struggles to effectively engage and I would think that any church or group would be blessed and challenged by this exciting ministry. May God continue to bless your work and ministry.
Pastor Kent Rice
Associate for Special Ministries, Hempfield Church of the Brethren

I am writing to recommend Dave Weiss as a Speaker. David spoke at our National Jr. High Conference for the Church of the Brethren and did an excellent job. He is an engaging speaker who connects well with young people and is able to bring the Scripture to life with his art, words and personality. The youth at our conference found that worship service to be deeply meaningful and relevant. David is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in meaningful and creative ways that allow his listeners to grow in their faith.
Chris Douglas
Former Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry/Church of the Brethren


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