promophotoDave Weiss has been a professional in the field of visual communications for over 25 years. Over that time he’s learned a lot about creating, creativity and finding creative solutions.

Dave is also an ordained minister. One day he began combining his love of art with his ministry and AMOKArts.com was born. Through his blog and live workshops and presentation which combine live “speed painting,” story telling and more, he presents the gospel and encourages people to use their gifts to make a difference in our world. You can learn more about his speaking ministry on the Art Ministry page.

Dave is further interested in helping individuals and organizations to enhance and harness their creativity to advance their businesses, causes and to generally make the world a better place. One day as he was doing some research, he came upon a quote attributed to Queen Victoria. It said “Beware of artists, they mix with all classes of people an are therefore most dangerous.” Since he seeks to be the kind of artist that breaks down barriers, this quote resonated with him and was the impetus for his art and creativity site (BewareofArtists.org). He also does a variety of workshops designed to build and enhance creativity for individuals, schools and companies. Information on these presentations may be found on his Creativity Workshops page.

Dave is an artist influenced by a diverse array of artists from Keith Haring to Billy Jacobs. His work may be seen and purchased on the gallery page of this site.

Dave is the author of several books on creativity, ministry and creative ministry. These books may be purchased on the Book Store page.


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